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160kVA 20kV Cast Resin Dry Type Power Transformer Three Phase H Insulation Class

Cast Resin Dry Type Distribution Transformer is manufactured by Pearl Electric is a type of transformer with low noise, low loss and low partial discharge. With excellent structure, superior materials, scientific design, strict production technology and advanced testing method.
1.Phase: 3 phases
2.Rated power: 160kVA
3.Primary voltage: 20kV
4.Secondary voltage: 0.4kV
5.Frequency: 50Hz
6.Vector group: Dyn11
7.Insulation class: H/F Class

1.Self-extinguishing and inflaming retarding, fire-proof and explosion-proof, pollution-free, and no toxic gas being generated.
2. Excellent damp-proof performance, capable of working under 100% relative humidity and other harsh conditions, with no damp-removing measures needed.
3. Thin resin structure realizes chap-free surface and excellent heat-dispersion performance.
4. Great overload capability, capable of operating continuously under 110% overload conditions and in case of air forced cooling, operating continuously under150% overload conditions.
5. Nice appearance, small size, less installation space occupation, and low engineering cost.
6. Each performance index and technical specification excels those specified in China GB, international IEC, or industrial standards.

Product Parameters:

Technical characteristics for 160kVA 20kV cast resin dry type transformer

Transformer  type Cast resin dry type transformer
Transformer Model 160kVA 20/0.4kV
Short circuit impedance 4%
Noise Level 50dB
Cooling mode AN/AF
Winding material Copper/Aluminum
Degree of protection IP00
HV tapping +/-2*2.5%
Insulation material Cast resin (HV)
Pre-impregnated (LV)
Insulation level Primary:  50kV AC
Secondary: 3kV AC
BIL 125kV for primary circuit
Type of installation Indoor
Maximum attitude <1000m
Standards IEC60076-11

160kva 20kv cast resin dry type power transformer three phase h insulation class 8Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: Cast resin dry type transformer is widely applied to power gird, solar power plant, wind power plant, hydro power plant, nuclear power plant, infrastructure, real estate, etc.
After-sales Service: We have a professional aftersales engineer team, each aftersales engineer has more than 3 years of experience. And we also have localized technical backup to offer timely support in Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, UAE, Brazil.


1. The core is made of high-quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel of high magnetic conductivity, by using the 45°five-step overlapping method to reduce the no-load loss and no-load current.
2. Simulation analysis method is applied for the core design, thus to precisely and effectively calculate the vibration frequency and scale.
3. Flexible connections are adopted between the core and coils, core and clamps. With these measures, the transformer’s noise level has been improved by 10-15dB over the conventional products.

160kva 20kv cast resin dry type power transformer three phase h insulation class 9Windings:
LV windings:
1. For LV windings above 400 kVA capacity, superior foil conductors are adopted for winding manufacturing, thus obtaining better amper-turn balance and less transverse magnetic flux leakage, and finally to greatly improves the transformer’s anti-short circuit capability.
2. By reasonably designing the oil passage within the winding, the winding’s heat dispersion effect is greatly increased. Thus the reasonable design has decreased temperature rise and improved products’ overload capability.

160kva 20kv cast resin dry type power transformer three phase h insulation class 5

Hv windings:
1. HV windings are manufactured with superior wire conductors, insulated reinforced with fiberglass.
2. The HV windings are cast under vacuum and high-pressure conditions in Germany HUBER’S vacuum Cast Machine, resulting in the best resin penetration and very low partial discharge( partial discharge for 11kV product could be lower than 5Pc).
3. Optimized structure is adopted for HV windings to improve the transformer’s electric field. Lighting impulse simulation calculation was adopted for winding model design, thus substantially improve the product’s anti-lighting capability.

160kva 20kv cast resin dry type power transformer three phase h insulation class 6R&D Capability:

We focus highly on the development of design and research in accordance with the demand of the market.
Design :
Design team:
1.Pearl Electric has more than 500 employees, among which more than 39% have a college education background
2.4 doctoral-degree engineers, 16 senior engineers, 34 intermediate engineers, 39 junior engineers.
Half of the engineers have more than 5-year experience in the electrical industry.
1.Offer timely training for products and knowledge of new techniques.
2.Encourage engineers and workers to study for new qualifications included high-level education and skill qualification.
New product:
1.Water-cooled phase-shifting transformer for main pump frequency converter
2.Class 1E transformer for the nuclear island of nuclear power plant
3.Pumped storage super large capacity converter dry-type transformer

160kva 20kv cast resin dry type power transformer three phase h insulation class 7

Do a lot of research about transformer design included temperature field calculation, lightning impulse analysis, transformer noise & vibration analysis, 3D simulation design, etc.
Being the major drafter of 8 items national standards, 14items national standards amendment, 8 items industry standards, and 19 items industry standards amendment.
Obtained 11 invention patents, 27 utility model patents, 7 software copyright approval and registration, 47 technical papers published in national magazines or journals, and has the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology of the products

Our Service:

1.OEM is available.
2.Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied to within 24 hours.
3.3Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English
4.Working time: 8:00 am ~17:00 pm, Monday to Friday. (UTC+8)
5.Customized solution & perfect after-sale service
6.Payment: We can accept T/T, L/C.
7.For large orders, engineers can be sent to your country for on-site maintenance instructions.


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