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Pearl Electric’s Compact Transformer Substation For Solar Power Generation Won The Award


Source:Pearl Posted: 2021-04-22

Recently, the compact transformer substation for solar power generation independently developed by Pearl Electric has successfully obtained the title of “2020 Guangdong Famous and High-tech Product” with comprehensive advantages: advanced technical performance, high-quality product quality, and good economic benefits.

Compact transformer substation for solar power generation
By referring to and absorbing the advanced technology of similar foreign products and combining with China’s renewable energy industry policy and market development needs, Pearl Electric has developed a compact transformer substation for solar power generation. The product has good performances in low-temperature rise, low loss, low noise, superior environmental adaptability, high operational reliability, and significant energy-saving effect. It can be widely used in high-altitude areas, alpine areas and coastal humid tropical areas, and other solar power generation sites with harsh climate conditions. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, the technical performance of our product have reached the domestics and international advanced level

Famous and High-tech Products Selection in Guangdong Province
In 2020, the selection criteria are higher and more difficult than the previous year, mainly focusing on the advanced nature of products and the original substitution of imported products. Secondly, it also considers each company’s independent innovation ability and discusses whether companies can meet the requirements of national transformation & upgrading and innovative development.

In Guangdong Province, there are a total of 10,528 high-quality high-tech product certification projects taking part in this selection. After the evaluation, only 2020 projects passed the review. The pass rate is only 19.18%, among 495 projects in Guangzhou city, which makes this award become more competitive and valuable than the previous year.
Our product can be successfully awarded mainly because our product obtains high recognition from the government and customers, which also shows Pearl Electric’s strong technical strength. This award will encourage us to definitely promote our technological innovation and improve Pearl Electric’s brand value.
In the future, Pearl Electric will continue to improve our product structure, promote technological innovation, enhance product comprehensive competitiveness, and provide society with more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and high-quality products.

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